Explore Duntroon Highlands Hiking Trails. Do more loops. Have more Fun!


Explore a range of trails nestled on one of the highest points of the escarpment. The trails offer breathtaking views, the sound of babbling brooks and meandering forest paths. The trails start from the Clubhouse at Duntroon Highlands Golf Course.

Waterfall Trail
Accessible from the Clubhouse, this trail winds past the scenic Rockside waterfall, then meanders along a burbling brook before looping back up to the Clubhouse.

Upper Trails
Head up from the Clubhouse along the gravel road and up the switchback to access a range of trails including The Maze, Horizon Hike and many more. The views are spectacular with the trails winding through remnants of the region’s farming heritage and natural flora that define the Niagara Escarpment.

Bruce Trail
You can access the Bruce Trail from the Upper Trails. The Bruce Trail is the oldest and longest marked hiking trail in Canada. It stretches 840 kilometers from Tobermory on the Bruce Peninsula down to the Niagara Peninsula. The trailhead at Duntroon Highlands sits at the midpoint of the Blue Mountains section, one of the most scenic sections of the entire Bruce Trail.