Customized Guided Trail Tours at Duntroon Highlands


The Escarpment is one of only thirteen Canadian UNESCO World Biosphere Reserves. Its majestic cliffs, extraordinary ecosystems and diverse forests, one of the oldest in eastern North America, make the Escarpment so unique.

Highlands Trail Tours offer customized escarpment excursions in the highlands above Duntroon.   Nestled on one of the highest points of the escarpment near Collingwood, the Blue Mountains and Creemore, Highlands Trail Tours offer breaktaking views of South Georgian Bay and the Nottawasaga Valley.

Tours offer an immersive exploration of:

Forests: Discover 10 different types of trees that call the escarpment home, what makes them special and what they contribute to the eco-system.

Formations: The rock that forms the Escarpment was laid down over 400 million years ago under a giant warm sea. The trails follow a stream that forms the headwaters of the Batteaux as well as a ledge formed by erosion of the softer limestone.

Farming History: Evidence of unique Indigenous settlements dot the escarpment but it was the Scottish farmers who dramatically started changing the landscape. The remains of their farming efforts are highlighted and how they shaped what Duntroon Highlands looks like today.

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